Thursday, 18 April 2013

Yankee Candles

Well this is officially my first blog post, and if you are reading this then I thank you.
Right, here goes...

I have been a tad undecided about what to blog about first, whether it be make up, clothing, home accessories or just general day to day life.
I went shopping a few days ago in my local town so I have decided to show you what I bought...
I have a little obsession with scented candles (ok a big obsession) and I ended up buying 5 Medium Tumbler Yankee Candles. A little excessive I know, but the ones I bought were actually on sale and I just couldn't leave them behind...

My first stop was my local garden centre which I frequently pop into for inspiration for a spring garden, (which I haven't done anything about yet...)and I headed over to their Yankee Candle display. As I was having a whiff of the many scents they had available I noticed one of the workers with his price gun.
I wondered off for a few moments and came back to find that he had reduced most of the Autumn/Winter Collection and about two of the spring range by about £6.

I decided on two for now from the garden centre which I'm really happy with.
Blissful Autumn is just that and I can smell wood, fruit and musk.
Wild Passion Fruit reminds me of a fruit salad with notes of mandarin and passion fruit, a very springlike scent.

I then headed to TK Maxx for a good noise around and headed straight to the homeware section for an oven tray (exciting I know) and out of the corner of my eye I spotted more Yankee Candle Tumblers. These were priced at £6.99 each from £15.50

So I bought 3 from TK Maxx and yes another Blissful Autumn, but I will probably give this as a gift.

Cinnamon Stick is a very Christmasy scent which I will burn later in the year, and smells just like its name.

Vanilla Satin is just beautiful with notes of vanilla and sandalwood.

I had a quick search online for Yankee Candle stockists and came across this site here where there is a huge range of scents at discounted prices!

Thanks for stopping by and I will post again soon.

Rachel xx

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