Sunday, 9 March 2014

Topshop Nails

I've been a bit naughty lately as I seem to be attracted to nail polish like I have six pairs of hands and without even thinking about it, I buy buy buy. Oops. BUT, I can justify my most recent purchases ~ bargain finds.
For those of you that didn't know, Topshop make up is made by the same company that produce all of MAC's make up, and I think the quality is rather good.

While out a few weekends ago with my daughter (she's 3 and loves a stroll around the shops!) I picked up these three bargain beauties for £1 each. These normally retail for £5-£6. The make up stand had quite a few marked down but I resisted (see I can do it).

Blank is a cross between white and cream and reminds me of vanilla ice cream. I think that this would work well as a base to then apply a neon colour on top. It does look nice on its own though.
Wistful is from the holographic range and is very shiny and when it catches the light, there is a mix of pink, lilac and blue.
Blitz has an orange undertone when close up and would look fabulous with a black dress and heels to wear for an evening out. My favourite I think.
I have looked on the Topshop website for these but unfortunately there aren't there. That doesn't mean though that they aren't available in store still.

Any bargains you've picked up or missed out on?

Rachel xx

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