Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Essie Spring Colours I Love

Midweek already and the weather still hasn't picked up a great deal so I thought I would add some Spring to my nails instead. So I had a rummage through my nail varnish collection and found my two Favourite Spring inspired colours by Essie. I really love this affordable brand that can be found on the high street in Boots and Superdrug. If you don't have an Essie stockist near you, you can find it online at Beauty Bay and also Feel Unique both with free worldwide delivery! (I keep an eye out for the colours that are often 'out of season' as these are often discounted).

The first colour to show you was part of the Summer 2012 Collection called Bikini So Teeny.

I applied two coats on top of Essie's ridge filling base coat. I always apply two or three coats as the first coloured layer can be a bit thin and streaky. It's a beautiful cornflower blue and really stands out. I think in this picture it looks slightly purple but if you google the colour for images you might get a clearer picture.
All Essie nail varnishes are easy to apply due to a flat wide brush, but a friend told me that some online stockists have the thin classic brush, but still apply ok.

My second favourite one is a best seller and is often sold out in Boots. It's called Mint Candy Apple. It was part of the Winter 2009 Collection.(I don't think I would wear this in Winter personally).
Mint Apple Candy is a lovely jade green colour and I get so many compliments when I wear it. Again I always apply my Essie base coat as mentioned before.

Here I applied three coats to build up a strong striking colour.
For a top coat I use Revlon's Extra Life No Chip Top Coat as I find this really good. My varnish will usually last 4 days before I notice any chips or splits.

Here are my tips for flawless fingers:
  • Use a good quality cuticle remover/softener. I find Leighton Denny's Remove and Rectify the best for this and a hoof stick
  • Next, your choice of base coat as this will stop discolouration of your natural nail and also help the varnish to stick better
  • Two or three coats of your chosen colour
  • Then finish off with a top coat
  • If you find you have painted some of your finger aswell, don't worry. I dip a cotton bud in my nail varnish remover and rub on the area.
And that's it! Beautiful nails at home.

Please leave a comment on your favourite Spring inspired colours and I will check them out.

Rachel xx

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