Thursday, 25 April 2013

Review ~ The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

Some time last week I popped into my local town for bits and bobs, food, nappies etc and as I walked past The Body Shop the window display caught my eye. It featured their 'star product', the all-in-one bb cream. I was tempted to go in and have a look but it was lunch time and it was so busy in there I don't think the assistant could have given much attention, (plus I had my busy toddler with me and I daren't let her loose in the there, Superdrug was bad enough) so I came home and looked it up online here.

Shade 01

After reading the online reviews I decided to go back in (toddler free) first thing in the morning and whoop whoop, no-one in there but the two assistants.
I had a quick look at it and tried it on my hand and I thought it looked really dark once I'd rubbed it in. I must have pulled a face because one of the assistants said that it came in three shades...phew.
She sat me down, gowned me up and went through questions like, have I used their makeup before, what skin type did I have and so on.. 
The BB Cream comes out white at first but when rubbed into the skin the colour pigments burst and then adapts to your skin tone.
I had no makeup on (I was feeling very brave that day) so I could get a proper application coverage.

 The assistant used a foundation brush and only applied it to one half of my face. I'm glad she did this, because wow, I could really tell the difference, however it doesn't contain SPF.

The coverage is great, quite dewy and gives a glow to my pale skin tone. I was matched to the 01 shade. I have shiny cheeks so she recommended I use a primer if I wanted.
(My current one is Laura Merceir but at nearly £30 I thought I would buy a cheaper alternative).
I decided to buy the Matte It Primer. There was a 3 for 2 offer on all make up so I chose a new brow and liner kit for free, which I'm yet to use.

I have been using both facial products now for a few days and I have to say I'm really impressed with the combination of the two. I wouldn't say they last all day like some claim, but they did get me through an 8 hr shift. (I'm a nurse).

Well done Body Shop for taking the lead in the Western BB Cream race.

What BB Creams have you tried?

Rachel xx

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