Thursday, 20 November 2014

Jack Wills | English Velvet Eau de Toilette

I'm one of those people who won't take a chance and buy a perfume without smelling it first. Even if the description sounds like the kind of notes that I usually go for, I just will not risk it.
I have about ten bottles of perfume; some about five years old (I probably should throw them out but they still smell the same as from new) some for day, some for evening, but I was looking at getting a little something to take me through the winter.
A recent trip to Cardiff saw me stop off at the Jack Wills store. After spraying ALMOST everything in Debenhams and Jo Malone I couldn't find one I liked that I'd already got in a similar fragrance. While my husband was talking to the sales guy (it turned out he knew his parents) I wondered off to the beauty section.
English Velvet has a hint of floral and warm amber, but I quite like the musky smell as I think I wear perfume mostly of an evening and this suits the colder months. I like the style of the bottle too, nothing fancy or outrageous just straight to the point. I think it looks pretty on my dressing table and it's light enough with a secure lid to throw in my handbag.
I purchased the 50ml at £29.50.

Rachel xx

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