Friday, 22 May 2015

Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo

It's taken me quite a while to deviate away from my beloved Lee Stafford shampoo which I wrote about here as I still really love it, but I fancied a change and for me, a change is good as I get to put my thoughts about different products here on my blog for you all to read. After sniffing and googling my way around Boots I decided to try Surf Foam Wash Shampoo by Bumble and Bumble after reading some good reviews. For me, B&B is quite a luxury high end brand and personally I think the prices for the products are a tad expensive so I was delighted to see they offered some mini products. The shampoo itself smells really nice - a clean and fresh scent that leaves hair completely squeaky clean. The first application didn't lather quite so well but the second certainly made up for it. Once out of the shower the scent lingered in the bathroom. After drying my hair and styling it in the usual way with my usual products my hair was soft but also had that textured feel to it that helped keep my waves in place throughout the day without becoming frizzy and wild which sometimes happens. I also noticed that my hair was less oily the next day and I was able to restyle it by adding some curls without the need to use any dry shampoo. Bonus! For 60ml I paid £6.50 which isn't going to last me very long. For 250ml which is full size, will set you back £18.50. Would I pay this much? I don't really know, but I if I did purchase the full size I definitely wouldn't use it everytime my hair needed washing, just on the occasions where I wanted to really cleanse my hair and make my style last all day.

Any thoughts on Bumble and Bumble products?

Rachel xx

Friday, 8 May 2015

The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadows

I bought two eyeshadows from The Body Shop back in November last year. During the Christmas season I bought one more and I have to say I really like them.  They're part of the Colour Crush range and these three are pearlescent. They also have some matte colours. These can be used wet or dry and are really easy to blend and really pigmented. Steel My Heart is a beautiful silver metallic colour and is really great for the inner corner. Grape Expectations is like a cranberry colour which works well blended out for a subtle smoky eye. Melt My Heart is a beautiful gold with a hint of peach shimmer which I wore frequently over the Christmas period.

Light application

Heavier application

I actually really love these three colours, although perhaps not together, but there are still some shades I would like to get that compliment them. I personally feel that these can rival MAC if you're on a budget costing £7. The packaging is simple and clean looking, very easy to store due to being slim and the lid is clear making it easy to see the shades. Love, love love!

Any shades you've tried?

Rachel xx

Thursday, 7 May 2015

No7 Early Defence ~ #SlowMoYourSkin*

It's no secret that I have a love affair with all things No7 as my regular readers will know, so when their new skincare range landed on my desk, I was obviously quite excited.
The Early Defence range is targeted for the 20-35 age bracket to keep young skin looking younger for longer.  

With three products released, Early Defence skincare protects and boosts young skin's natural defences. With lightweight texture that is non pore clogging, it keeps skin free from breakouts. The day cream has unbeatable 5* UVA protection and an SPF of 15. Both the day and night creams are Hypo-Allergenic so even the sensitive of skin can use the range. The smell is lovely too which is a huge bonus as I hate facial products that smell clinical. The eye cream is for the delicate area under the eyes and contains Vitamin C to de-puff and reduce dark circles. This is great for targeting those first fine lines that appear in your late 20's. Use this day and night as part of the skincare routine. Even if you're over the age of 35, this would be ideal if you're not keen on using thick creams, as I find can sometimes make my skin look oily (depending on the brand).
Although not cheap (facial creams are £19.50 and the eye cream £13.50) you don't need to use a lot. With regular 3 for 2's and £5 off vouchers throughout the year, there are savings to be made, so why not give this range a go and #SlowMoYourSkin.

Rachel xx

*PR Samples