Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Mother's Journal ~ Our Story Book

When my daughter was only a few months old I took up the hobby of card making and scrapbooking. As she got older and started to become more and more busy, I found that I didn't get much chance to make anything new. I planned to make a scrapbook of key moments in her life with photos and items attached. Sadly I haven't done one for quite a while...(I work full time plus I'm back studying too for my district nursing degree).
A few weeks ago I was browsing in a small gift shop when I came across a journal entitled 'Our Story ~ For My Daughter'. With a lovely hardback cover and cute design with a ribbon page marker I was interested before I even opened it up.
Inside are beautifully illustrated pictures and sections for you to write about your daughter from birth to 18 years, to share your memories and hopes for the future year by year. Then on her 18th birthday it can be given to her; a hand written account of the years you've had together.
I actually plan not to show or tell my daughter (who's almost 3) until I give it to her when that milestone birthday comes. I wonder what she'll she decide to do for a career? Will she still be quite determined and head-strong? Will she still love the outdoors...?

It only takes about an hour or so a year to fill in, which is ideal for busy working Mothers! Although there's not much room for standard sized photos, we are now in an age where we have instagram sized prints available, so 4x4 would be the perfect size to glue to some of the larger sections in the journal.
I bought it from Amazon for £9.99 but the price has since gone up a bit, but it is still cheaper than the rrp of £19.99 on the you to me site.

What are your thoughts on journals? Have you started one? Did you keep one as a teenager? I did, but that's another story...

Rachel xx

Monday, 7 October 2013

Has Primark Got A New Rival? + Win A Years Supply of Clothing!

MRP or Mr Price Group are the South African equivalent to our beloved Primark. The online site is easy to use and has a range of clothing and accessories, shoes, swimwear, sleepwear and underwear and prices start from £1! Although at present there seems to be a bit of summer fashion still stocked (I guess they have to cater for a wide range of countries with different climates) this hasn't put me off. With long, short and no sleeve items, there's something for everyone.
And it's not just ladies that have all this wonderful stuff! There's a whole load of menswear and a children's section too.
If you are really on a budget but still want the latest styles then this is the site for you. I have been looking through the site and have put together my wishlist..so far...but I feel it may just get a bit bigger by the time I finish looking.
I know what you're thinking...based in South Africa...how much will my order cost to ship to me? Well that's the even better part. The website states that if you spend over £54 it is free delivery to the UK. Under £54 is £6. Not a bad price really. And I doubt that I would buy just one item from the site at a time.
At present, MRP are running a competition to win a years supply of clothing which I have been kindly selected to share with you. Please click on the banner on the right hand side to enter. You can also just visit the site from there if you don't want to enter to win.
I really can't wait for my order to arrive.
Let me know what you think of the site and if anything catches your eye? Have you already made purchases from MRP? Let me know in the comments below.

Rachel xx