Thursday, 25 April 2013

Review ~ The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

Some time last week I popped into my local town for bits and bobs, food, nappies etc and as I walked past The Body Shop the window display caught my eye. It featured their 'star product', the all-in-one bb cream. I was tempted to go in and have a look but it was lunch time and it was so busy in there I don't think the assistant could have given much attention, (plus I had my busy toddler with me and I daren't let her loose in the there, Superdrug was bad enough) so I came home and looked it up online here.

Shade 01

After reading the online reviews I decided to go back in (toddler free) first thing in the morning and whoop whoop, no-one in there but the two assistants.
I had a quick look at it and tried it on my hand and I thought it looked really dark once I'd rubbed it in. I must have pulled a face because one of the assistants said that it came in three shades...phew.
She sat me down, gowned me up and went through questions like, have I used their makeup before, what skin type did I have and so on.. 
The BB Cream comes out white at first but when rubbed into the skin the colour pigments burst and then adapts to your skin tone.
I had no makeup on (I was feeling very brave that day) so I could get a proper application coverage.

 The assistant used a foundation brush and only applied it to one half of my face. I'm glad she did this, because wow, I could really tell the difference, however it doesn't contain SPF.

The coverage is great, quite dewy and gives a glow to my pale skin tone. I was matched to the 01 shade. I have shiny cheeks so she recommended I use a primer if I wanted.
(My current one is Laura Merceir but at nearly £30 I thought I would buy a cheaper alternative).
I decided to buy the Matte It Primer. There was a 3 for 2 offer on all make up so I chose a new brow and liner kit for free, which I'm yet to use.

I have been using both facial products now for a few days and I have to say I'm really impressed with the combination of the two. I wouldn't say they last all day like some claim, but they did get me through an 8 hr shift. (I'm a nurse).

Well done Body Shop for taking the lead in the Western BB Cream race.

What BB Creams have you tried?

Rachel xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Essie Spring Colours I Love

Midweek already and the weather still hasn't picked up a great deal so I thought I would add some Spring to my nails instead. So I had a rummage through my nail varnish collection and found my two Favourite Spring inspired colours by Essie. I really love this affordable brand that can be found on the high street in Boots and Superdrug. If you don't have an Essie stockist near you, you can find it online at Beauty Bay and also Feel Unique both with free worldwide delivery! (I keep an eye out for the colours that are often 'out of season' as these are often discounted).

The first colour to show you was part of the Summer 2012 Collection called Bikini So Teeny.

I applied two coats on top of Essie's ridge filling base coat. I always apply two or three coats as the first coloured layer can be a bit thin and streaky. It's a beautiful cornflower blue and really stands out. I think in this picture it looks slightly purple but if you google the colour for images you might get a clearer picture.
All Essie nail varnishes are easy to apply due to a flat wide brush, but a friend told me that some online stockists have the thin classic brush, but still apply ok.

My second favourite one is a best seller and is often sold out in Boots. It's called Mint Candy Apple. It was part of the Winter 2009 Collection.(I don't think I would wear this in Winter personally).
Mint Apple Candy is a lovely jade green colour and I get so many compliments when I wear it. Again I always apply my Essie base coat as mentioned before.

Here I applied three coats to build up a strong striking colour.
For a top coat I use Revlon's Extra Life No Chip Top Coat as I find this really good. My varnish will usually last 4 days before I notice any chips or splits.

Here are my tips for flawless fingers:
  • Use a good quality cuticle remover/softener. I find Leighton Denny's Remove and Rectify the best for this and a hoof stick
  • Next, your choice of base coat as this will stop discolouration of your natural nail and also help the varnish to stick better
  • Two or three coats of your chosen colour
  • Then finish off with a top coat
  • If you find you have painted some of your finger aswell, don't worry. I dip a cotton bud in my nail varnish remover and rub on the area.
And that's it! Beautiful nails at home.

Please leave a comment on your favourite Spring inspired colours and I will check them out.

Rachel xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Is Spring Here To Stay?

I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of birds singing and the sun streaming through my window. I jumped out of bed and looked outside - I couldn't believe it, a dry and calm day!
I decided to get up before my daughter woke to have a wash and get dressed, and headed downstairs with a spring in my step. 
I had a list of things I wanted to do today seeing as though the weather was nice:

  • Hang washing on line
  • Clear weeds from the slabs
  • Sort the shed out
  • Take photos of items I want to blog about
  • Take the old glass and magazines to the recycle bank
  • And general pottering about
Such an 'exciting' life you say...? Well it makes me happy anyway.

After my daughter got up it was her usual breakfast, wash, getting dressed and playing with her dolls. Then I asked her if she wanted to play outside...Wow she said.
I opened the back doors that lead on to the decking and then the garden and she ran outside with such excitement. She took all he dolls out and picnic set as I was getting out her slide and trampoline from the shed.

By now it was around 10am and after hanging the washing on the line I sat outside with a drink and watched my daughter play.
As I watched her I realised that the list of jobs I had could wait and how it was important for me to just spend some quality time having fun with my mini me.
We spent most of the day picking flowers, blowing bubbles, dressing up, having tea parties and running around the garden.
My eldest nephew came round to 'revise' but he joined in the fun too; pushing her around in a rusty old wheelbarrow!
Screams and laughter filled the garden and it was one of the most enjoyable days we'd had in ages, to just be able to enjoy the outside.
I guess what I'm trying to say is enjoy the little things in life and make the most of good weather and health, and yes sometimes housework really can be left. And I'm glad I did because it rained today and we didn't venture far, we just had fun indoors instead, for now, until spring returns again.

Rachel xx

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pamper Me

I was fortunate to receive a gift voucher for my local beauty salon entitling me to a Thai Tranquility Treatment.
I had this treatment roughly two years ago and I can remember the feeling of total bliss and relaxation afterwards and my skin literally glowing.
Thai Tranquility is a full body and face treatment, and my therapist explained that it restores harmony and balance and gives a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

My treatment consisted of Gatineau's Vital Synergy Facial and Ultimate Body Smoothing to provide a total pampering experience.
I was shown to one of the therapy rooms and left to undress to my knickers (o la la) and lie face down under a warm towel and fluffy blanket. Soothing music was playing and I was already relaxed.

My therapist re-entered the room and started to massage my feet with hot flannels, and worked up towards calves, thighs and then my back and shoulders with various oils. The same process was applied to my front minus my stomach and bust. My arms and hands had their turn also and then on to my facial. To finish I had a head massage and that completed my treatment. I was then left to 'come round' and get dressed when I was ready.
My whole treatment last 2 and 1/2 hours and I enjoyed every minute.

When I was left on my own I was thinking about how much I was in need of pampering and how I never seem to make time for me! I'm either working (full time), being a Mother (best job ever) or doing household duties and general day to day stuff.
My body felt fantastic and as for my face - wow. Glowing like the last time and actually made me vow to have a facial/massage more often.

I think it's important as women to make some time for ourselves, even if it's just for a few minutes or even 2 and 1/2 hours like I had to feel renewed and ready to take on anything!

I hope this encourages you to book a beauty treatment with your local beauty therapist.

Rachel xx

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Yankee Candles

Well this is officially my first blog post, and if you are reading this then I thank you.
Right, here goes...

I have been a tad undecided about what to blog about first, whether it be make up, clothing, home accessories or just general day to day life.
I went shopping a few days ago in my local town so I have decided to show you what I bought...
I have a little obsession with scented candles (ok a big obsession) and I ended up buying 5 Medium Tumbler Yankee Candles. A little excessive I know, but the ones I bought were actually on sale and I just couldn't leave them behind...

My first stop was my local garden centre which I frequently pop into for inspiration for a spring garden, (which I haven't done anything about yet...)and I headed over to their Yankee Candle display. As I was having a whiff of the many scents they had available I noticed one of the workers with his price gun.
I wondered off for a few moments and came back to find that he had reduced most of the Autumn/Winter Collection and about two of the spring range by about £6.

I decided on two for now from the garden centre which I'm really happy with.
Blissful Autumn is just that and I can smell wood, fruit and musk.
Wild Passion Fruit reminds me of a fruit salad with notes of mandarin and passion fruit, a very springlike scent.

I then headed to TK Maxx for a good noise around and headed straight to the homeware section for an oven tray (exciting I know) and out of the corner of my eye I spotted more Yankee Candle Tumblers. These were priced at £6.99 each from £15.50

So I bought 3 from TK Maxx and yes another Blissful Autumn, but I will probably give this as a gift.

Cinnamon Stick is a very Christmasy scent which I will burn later in the year, and smells just like its name.

Vanilla Satin is just beautiful with notes of vanilla and sandalwood.

I had a quick search online for Yankee Candle stockists and came across this site here where there is a huge range of scents at discounted prices!

Thanks for stopping by and I will post again soon.

Rachel xx