Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends Shampoo

With my usual shampoo almost running out and getting a bit bored with it, I decided to find something new. My hair oil starts to reappear the following evening if washed the morning before. I came across this in Boots, where they have a large range of Lee Stafford products. The colour of the bottle caught my attention first to be honest and then the funky text, but what I liked most of all was the product title 'oily roots, dry ends', that's me! Without even looking at the price I thought I needed to try this.

The smell is nice and not something that I've smelt before in a shampoo; quite a clean scent. I didn't need a lot to work into a good lather. I applied twice and literally had the squeaky sound when rinsing out. I followed with my current Aussie conditioner.
Does it do what it claims? You bet, as it's a detoxifying shampoo with moringa seed extract to fight oil to keep hair clean for longer. I can actually leave my hair an extra day with my Bastiste dry shampoo in-between washes! Marvellous.
This is a bit pricey at £8.99 but I'm happy to pay that as it suits my needs and it leaves a lovely lingering scent on my hair and on the brush too! Link here.

Any Lee Stafford products you've used? I'd love to hear from you.

Rachel xx

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