Friday, 15 April 2016

Essence | Express Dry Spray

You've just painted your nails, you're ready to go out, but bloody hell, you've just caught a nail and the polish has smudged. Pain in the arse right? Best thing I use to avoid this is Express Dry Spray by Essence. To be honest, it's the only spray I've ever tried and I've actually repurchased it 3 times. For me it works well, it's cheap (£2.50) and it smells nice.
You use it by simply waiting 30 seconds for your polish to dry and hold the can roughly about 30cm from your fingers and spray. I tend to hold the nozzle down and move from side to side over the nails. It works by basically accelerating the drying time of the polish (and glue if using nail art) to the nail bed while also providing extra shine.
And that's it really...a short and sweet post about a super quick product that I've come to love. It's available from Wilkos on the highstreet at £2.50 for 50ml.
Any alternatives you've tried?

Rachel xx

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