Friday, 20 June 2014

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

There isn't a make up brand that hasn't got its own version of the beauty balm, and Urban Decay have one in their Naked Skin range. I bought this around Christmas time last year and I keep going back to it wanting to love it, but I don't. Firstly, the colour is supposed to adapt to your skin tone - it doesn't. It makes me look orange and doesn't blend well on me at all. Second, it's terribly greasy. I have oily/combination skin and this is really hydrating, which the sales assistant didn't tell me, even though she asked what skin type I had. After about an hour it has slid of my face exposing pores which I never noticed before and makes me feel really self-conscious. It can be worn under foundation but this is something I have avoided. Three, the smell. O dear - it's like old biscuits and a fake tan smell. Not good.

Like I said, I really want to love it as I rate Urban Decay really highly, but this product is a let down. The only good thing is the packaging.
£23 for 35ml.

Have you tried it and are surprised with my review? Would love to here from you.

Rachel xx

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