Thursday, 30 January 2014

Winter Rescue for Hands - OPI Avojuice

Winter in the UK; wet, damp, cold and muggy and it plays havoc with my skin especially. The first to suffer is my hands. Being a district nurse, I'm constantly washing them before and after procedures and then out again in the cold and onto the next call where I do it all over again. A good hand lotion is my savour.
I was bought Avojuice by OPI by my best friend for Christmas and it has really helped rescue my dry chapped hands. It's a body lotion too but I've been using it mostly on my hands.

This lotion is not what I normally consider a typical hand lotion due to it being quite a light consistency. When I first applied it I thought it wouldn't cover both hands so before rubbing in it I put some more on. Oops, bit messy. Lesson learnt, only apply two pumps.
The OPI Avojuice is a lovely lotion and doesn't leave hands greasy or sticky. This bottle is 200ml and will last me quite a while. You can also buy a 30ml size. I have put some in a travel bottle that I picked up from Boots and carry it around with me.
A quick search on Google has shown that prices range from £6-£12 for the 200ml size and from £1.50-£3.50 for the 30ml. There are a range of sellers on eBay selling the complete range with other scents like Coconut Melon Juicie, Mango and Grapefruit. The cheapest website which I have located is Demon Beauty here which also stocks OPI lacquer and Essie too! 

What are your winter skin rescue products? Have you discovered something new like me, or do you go back to a tried and tested product?

Rachel xx

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