Sunday, 5 May 2013

Nyx Cosmetics Haul & Review

Wow, it's been a fair few days since my last post due to working a nine day stretch, and also things going on at home. So, apologies for that guys. 
About two weeks ago I ordered some products from Nyx. I've never bought any of their products before due to the fact that there isn't a Nyx shop/counter near me. (Actually, has anyone ever been to one?)
I think the reason that I've never bought their products is the problem with purchasing make up online, as it's hard to tell if the swatches they show are actually the same colour in the flesh.
I was browsing their website and decided to get a few items from the sale section to try out first and one full price blusher.

I decided to play it safe and buy a blusher in shade PB 07 Natural. I'm very pleased with this due to it gliding on the brush very easily and blending really well on the face giving a lovely pink glow, that can be built up for a more striking pink.

I bought two single eyeshadows in the sale in shades ES153A Ballerina Dream and ES147A Sweet Oleander. Now these are beautiful glitter shades and again apply easily, but they are similar in colour with one being darker than the other. Nevermind ~ that's the chance you take.

Ballerina Dream

Sweet Oleander

With my cheeks and eyes sorted, it was only natural to add a lip product to my order so I chose two Mega Shine Lip glosses in Vixen and Maroon.

Erm, well..I was a bit disappointed in my colour choices. Vixen is just too dark for me but Maroon is ok if I was going for the vampire Bella look ~ I'm too pale for it to be honest; but that aside the lip glosses themselves are lovely and they do spread evenly on to the lips. I do think the tube is cute too and the brush is very soft.

I think I should have continued to play it safe here too and bought something neutral or pink as I can never go wrong with pink.
It just goes to show that buying make up online is a bit risky, but it hasn't put me off, I just need to Google swatches before I add to my basket....oops

Rachel xx

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