Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ojon Super Sleek ~ Is It Any Good?

Whenever I go to my hairdresser for my usual cut and blow dry she always manages to get my hair extremely straight and sleek without the need to use hair straighteners (or flat iron if you're in the US).
To achieve this she applies about three products in total after shampooing and conditioning whether she really needs to or not. I've often thought 'is this really healthy for my hair?'
Well I've come across a brilliant product to use after washing my hair that leaves me with the same result as freshly cut and styled salon hair...
Ojon Super Sleek Restorative Blowout Perfector is my new favourite styling product. Apply a small amount onto damp hair by smoothing from about halfway down. Avoid the roots if you have naturally oily hair anyway. Style in your usual way and once your hair is dry you will instantly notice the difference.
Above are two photographs taken on different days after using the same shampoo and conditioner and hair drier.
I noticed the difference almost immediately. My hair was smoother with less static that I sometimes get after using my hair drier.
If you normally like lots of volume then avoid this product, but if you do have dry ends and sometimes frizzy flyaway hair then I really recommend this.
The price is quite expensive at £22 for 125ml, but having said that I used about the size of a 5p to all my hair so this should last a while. (I used my Advantage Card points at Boots to buy this but I am now willing to pay with real money when it needs replacing).
You can read all about the product here for the ingredients and the Ojon story and also buy directly from the website but this is the link to the Boots site here where I bought mine.

Have you tried any of the Ojon products?

Rachel xx

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