Saturday, 5 April 2014

Garnier Fresh Eye Make Up Remover

I've gone through my fare share of eye make up removers and this one by Garnier is my current one. I picked this up after my Clinique Take The Day Off ran out. Not being able to really afford to repurchase it this time, I looked for something else. I found this one in Boots on offer for half price.
Marketed at the sensitive skin types, it gently removes all eye make up. If you've been wearing a lot of eye shadow and heavy mascara, I do find that you need at least three cotton pads to fully remove all traces.

I wear contact lenses and usually take them out prior to removing make up, but when I have forgotten I've had no problems with sensitivity.
Full price for 125ml is £3.45 but you can usually find it on offer quite regularly in Boots

Any eye make up removers you can recommend as I like to try something new!

Rachel xx

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