Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover

I came across this product quite a while ago when I watching some late night QVC on their beauty channel. Although I didn't buy it from there (the p&p costs are ridiculous) I was highly impressed with how it works.
The 60ml pot has a sponge inside that is pre-soaked with nail polish remover. The sponge is very soft and the scent is very subtle compared the usual smell of regular remover; apparently there's a hint of vanilla.

All you have to do is dip a polished finger in the middle of the sponge, wait a few seconds, twist the pot around, and abracadabra the polish has gone! I tend to wiggle my finger about a bit too. If you have glitter polish on you need to give it a while longer, but I've had no problems removing.
This pot has lasted me quite a while, but I only get to paint my nails once a week on a day off.
I bought mine from Boots for £6.95 which is the cheapest I've found but it's being stocked on the Feel Unique site and Beauty Bay for £8.
This is starting to dry out now, as it's taking a bit longer to remove my polish, but this is something that I will definitely be repurchasing.
I really rate the product especially for saving time and when you have no cotton wool it's a life saver!

Have you tried it or the other brands similar to this?

Rachel xx

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