Monday, 20 July 2015

Gold Accessories For Summer

Apart from my wedding band, I never really wear gold jewellery. Although I do own some beautiful pieces of real gold that were my mothers, I tend to stick with silver; that was until quite recently. The jewellery featured here are new items I have picked up since giving some of my unworn costume jewellery to the charity shop.
The triangle necklace with the star was from Not On The High Street and is 18k gold plated. The enamel is available in five colours. I chose the white as it will go with anything. The 'M' is my daughters initial. The longer necklace is from Accessorise from the Z range and I have worn them together as they are different lengths for the boho layered look. The Fiorelli bracelet is one of my favourites and the band is a very soft grey/gold colour. I also bought my best friend the exact same one as we have extremely similar tastes. The bow bracelet was from Miss Selfridge in a sale for 50p and is quite dainty on the wrist. It's actually been a nice change for me to wear gold especially as the weather is sunny and I'm slowly getting a tan which I think compliments the jewellery.

Rachel xx

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