Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Clinique Skincare Essentials

My skin was in a bit of a rut and needed help - badly. I had been using Estee Lauder products for quite a while which I blogged about here, and after reading other blogs about skincare products, I decided to go back to Clinique. I have been having more breakouts on my chin and although they are usually hormonal, these little blemishes (not spots, just redness) were constantly there.
I visited my local Clinique counter in Boots a few weeks ago, and after a good discussion with the 'Clinique Lady' about my skin type and my main concern at the time being the redness, I bought the Superprimer Colour Corrects Redness (£20). This was a life saver during the colder weather. Not only did it control the red blemishes but also smoothed the skin texture and made my foundation last a bit longer. It was then I was given a deluxe sample size of the 3 Step Skincare System and boy was I impressed. I purchased the two of the 3 Step (full sizes) two weeks later.
The last time I used the 3 Step was when cleansing was only available in soap format. The Liquid Facial Soap (£16, 200ml) is basically the soap but in a liquid format, which for me feels more hygienic.  I have shiny/oily skin so this targets these areas of my cheeks and sides of my nose. Love it. After cleansing I use the Clarifying Toner (£26, 400ml) to sweep away dead skin cells. My skin really feels brighter and smoother after using this. Apply to cotton wool and sweep once over the face.
To target and actively treat those pesky blemishes I bought the Anti Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel (£20, 30ml) to apply prior to moisturiser. This is clear and dries quickly. You can apply the gel all over the face if desired but I just rub it on to the target areas. This is an absolute god send and after three days of using it the blemishes had completely gone. The only thing I don't like about this product is the smell. It's very strong like Windowlene but the smell disappears once rubbed in.
The only product that I didn't repurchase was the Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (£30, 125ml) but that was only because I still have a lot left of my usual moisturiser which is the No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream which I blogged about here. Once that is finished though I think I will buy the Clinique one as it effortlessly sunk into my skin leaving a matte finish.
I decided to use my Boots Advantage Card Points to purchase the soap and cleanser. The prices I have mentioned are the deluxe sizes but there are other sizes to buy if you're low on funds or don't have enough points.

Have you tried switching your skincare products lately? I'm glad I did as the benefits are have been really rewarding for me, not only to improve my skin but to also give me my confidence back.

Rachel xx

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