Monday, 17 March 2014

The Body Shop ~ Nature's Minerals Foundation

I want to start off by saying that this is now discontinued and has been replaced with the Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation, but I wanted to still review it as I have seen the new version and it's pretty much the same.
I actually bought this quite some time ago; maybe two years and have been using it off and on since then and I wanted to share my thoughts on mineral foundation.

As you can imagine, the powder is actually quite fine and one sneeze would mean it would go everywhere, which it has done when I have dropped the lid.

I make sure I have used a decent primer beforehand, such as Benefit's Porefessional and then I use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush by blotting the powder from the lid of the pot. I then work it into my face in circular motions. It doesn't give a really heavy coverage, and if you have any spots/blemishes then you'll definitely need concealer, especially under the eyes, as this won't hide dark circles. The was the lightest shade and contains SPF 25.
The product is ok, but I doubt that I would buy another mineral foundation as I do like better coverage and I do find it very messy, but for days where I'm pottering about the house and want something really light then I use this.
They maybe better mineral products out there, but for me, I'll stick to the standard foundation formulas.
The new Body Shop version is being sold for £15 here.

Any mineral powder foundations you've tried?

Rachel xx

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