Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Florabotanica Perfume by Balenciaga

Leaving the house one Saturday morning in a rush to catch the post office, I forgot to spritz on any perfume. Stopping by in Debenhams afterwards,  I thought I would have a try of something new.
The new display that week was by Balenciaga with two fragrances Rosabontanica and Florabotanica.
Rosabotanica had no tester so I tried Florabotanica.

What Balenciaga say:

'A reinvention of the rose, Florabotanica embodies the spirit of the Balenciaga house. Architectural floral and hypnotic notes are fused with rose with carnation and amber, wild mint with caladium folia and vetiver giving the fragrance a bold and abstract edge'.

Basically, it smells very nice and not too floral either, which I thought it would be given the name. 
I always like to give perfume a really good test before buying to see how long it lasts and if anyone can smell it on me. This sadly didn't and I couldn't even smell it on myself after about an hour so I won't be purchasing, even though I really like it.

It's currently selling in Debenhams  for £40 for 30ml and £53 for 50ml Eau de Parfum.

Any scents you've been disappointed with?

Rachel xx

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