Sunday, 8 September 2013

Revlon Lip Butters for Autumn

I have my fair share of Revlon Lip Butters; in fact I may have one in every handbag I own (and that's a lot of handbags..) so when I was in my larger Boots store in Swansea, I couldn't resist picking up these new ones for the coming season.

Revlon Lip Butters are usually a cross between a lipstick and a balm, but with these two they are purely a sheer tinted balm, which I'm quite glad of as I really didn't fancy wearing purple and green lipstick!
Provocative has very fine purple micro glitter and Invite Only having green.
So, do I like them? Well yes, but when applied I can't really see the difference between them. The purple glitter in Provocative is more obvious in the flesh than in the above photograph. Invite Only is completely sheer with only a small hint of green glitter.
If you like more of a hint of colour then these aren't for you. You would probably prefer the Maybelline Baby Lips instead, but for me I like these more as they are really hydrating as my lips get quite dry.
I really didn't need the two but as I was only able to swatch one colour I wasn't able to compare them.
Priced at £7.99 they're not cheap but I know that I will use them a lot, especially in my line of work as they are sheer and just enhance my natural lip colour.

Have you tried these yet?


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