Saturday, 28 March 2015

Wax Lyrical Emperor's Red Tea Candle

Wax Lyrical is a candle brand that I haven't tried before. It is a British and privately owned brand making scented candles and reed diffusers in Cumbria. For a new range, Wax Lyrical have teamed with home decorating and design company Fired Earth and have released seven tea inspired scents in glass containers to compliment their popular colour palettes.
After an in-depth smell test to decide which one I liked best (I was at least 15 minutes) I chose Emperor's Red Tea. Wax Lyrical describe this as...

'an intense sensual scent with fresh citrus of bergamot warmed by rose pepper and red tea, 
resting on a base of a precious woods and vanilla".

Sounds quite nice doesn't it, but to be honest I wouldn't be able to pick these notes out by just whiffing it as I'm hopeless at it but vanilla and a wood combo is what I normally go for.
Burn time is 90 hours for the largest two wick size which I purchased. It burns evenly and fills the room with its lovely scent. After I left the room to go to another part of the house I could smell it quite plainly in other areas which was a pleasant surprise. After blowing out and leaving to cool overnight I could actually smell the candle when I walked past it the next morning.
Overall I'm very impressed with this and will definitely splurge in more from other ranges that Wax Lyrical produce. This large candle and the Fired Earth range retails at £35 but I bought it for £22 at my local stockist. Small size candles cost £20 and the reed diffusers from £14 from the Wax Lyrical site.

Rachel xx

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