Friday, 7 November 2014

Lush ~ Christmas In Colour 2014 Haul

With Hallowe'en and Guy Fawkes Night over, the countdown to Christmas can officially start, for me anyway. Although I find it crazy that some shops have already started to belt out the festive tunes, it's usually around now that I start my seasonal shopping.
When I met up with my best friend for lunch and a catch up, I had the intention to buy a few things as gifts...I ended up buying only two and the rest where for me, oops. Anyone else have this problem?

It has been quite a while since I visited Lush as it's not really a shop I frequently stop at, but I do rather like their Christmas specials. Here is a round up of my haul.

Luxury Lush Pud, £3.50
This bath bomb contains 21 ingredients with the main scent that I pick up being lavender. The pastel colours are bound to create an explosion of colours in the bath water.

Christmas Eve, £2.95
I love bubble bars as I find them great value for money, and that I never need a huge amount in the bath to create bubbles, so lasts me quite a while. The colours aren't as vibrant as it appears online, but a lovely smell and I'm planning to use this way before Christmas Eve.

Twilight, £3.35
I thought this was a Christmas special, but since reading the Lush site, I can see that it's in the permanent collection. I wanted to try this as I'm not having a relaxing sleep, where I feel refreshed in the morning. I always wake up at around 2am, look at the clock and doze for a while. I think this is because my daughter, who's now 4 used to wake for a feed. This claims to treat insomnia and aid a restless sleep...hey, give me three at once!

First Snow, £4.75
My friend recommended this as she had bought it for her daughter to wear for a Hallowe'en party. It's a pretty sparkly dusting powder that you can either apply alone or on top of freshly moisturised skin. A little goes a long way unless you want to look like Edward Cullen. I'm looking forward to wearing this for upcoming Christmas parties.

So that completes my Lush haul. I wanted to buy a few more like the Holly Golightly and Drummers Drumming but held off for today. Any products you've picked up that you can recommend to me?
You can view the complete Christmas range here.

Rachel xx

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