Thursday, 18 July 2013

Life's Lessons #1

This blog post is a little bit different from my usual posts.
I have decided to do a series of posts entitled 'Life's Lessons'. I want to share with you my experiences of general day to day life of something that has made me take a step back and really think about it. Whether that be good, bad or sad or downright funny. This is number one and believe me, it wasn't funny at the time.
I want to share with you my little mishap the other day so that it doesn't happen to you...

We all lead busy lives and like to save time where we can so we can get on and do other things. On this particular hot day I decided that I was not going to stand at the sink and do a mountain of dishes and cutlery, so I loaded the dishwasher to the max. It was then I realised that there were no dishwasher tablets.  Bloody hell I thought, I cannot be arsed to unload it and wash the lot by hand!
In a bit of a Eureka moment, I thought all is not lost, I'll put washing up liquid in the box thingy-me-bob and so I did. I was actually over generous with the stuff and put it on a longer cycle than normal.

I then went out of the kitchen to do other things...After a while (and I'm not even sure how long a while it was) I came back in to find this... 

Lovely watery bubbles, literally pumping out the side and onto the floor.

I was gobsmacked.  What was I thinking?!
I opened the door as it automatically shuts off the cycle and more bubbles and a pool of water came flooding out.
Let me just say, that it took about 2 hours to clean up. I could have cried, but in the end I laughed at myself.
I was longer sorting the mess out than I would have been if  I had washed them in the first place.
So what have I learnt? Never, ever, even if you are desperate, DO NOT use washing up liquid in your dishwasher.

I hope this has made you laugh.
Please share a life lesson in the comments below.

Rachel xx

PS The dishes and cutlery were very clean once I found them!

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