Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Eyelash Perming Experience and Results

Eyelash curlers; I've used loads over the years from a 99p one from Woolworths to a high end at £18. Have they worked? Yes, for a few hours and then back to straight lashes again ~ bugger! And another thing was that I was starting to not have time to stand there for 30 seconds with a toddler running around and turning the bath taps on! I didn't do it everyday, but mostly if I was going out and wanted my eyes to look big.
So I decided to get them permed as this would be low maintenance.
I'd had it done a few years ago and wasn't really happy with the end result, so that put me off having my lashes permed again.
My hairdresser has really long upwards lashes and when I was at the salon I just asked her if they were permed, no she said! Lucky woman.
After having my hair cut I had a patch test on my wrist to check for any sensitivities, and booked to have it done with the salon beauty therapist a few days later.

The whole process took about an hour and you can read about the process here.
I had medium size rods as I wanted a gentle curl and I didn't want the 'tightness' that I'd had before at another beauty salon, where small rods were used and my lashes literally curled back on themselves and my eyes felt like they were pinned open; not nice. This time I was very happy with the results and my lashes are still upwards and natural looking.

It cost me £20 which I thought was a good price and should last about 6 weeks.
I would actually have it done again once my lashes become straight but wouldn't book it in advance at every appointment, just when I feel like having it done.
Have you had this done? Leave a comment.

Rachel xx

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