Saturday, 1 June 2013

Best Friends Birthday Gifts

I love birthdays! Whether it's my own or someone else's, I just love them. 
The best thing about someone else's birthday is going to buy them gifts and buying something for them that they may not necessarily choose for themselves.
Mid May was my best friend's birthday.

We've been friends since we met at University in 2001 and we know each other inside out from music, films, style and emotions. We've been bridesmaids for each other and our daughters were born 3 weeks apart. I am Godmother to her son. I am blessed she is in my life. 

When it comes to our birthdays (and Christmas) we like to get a mixture of gifts and this year was the same.
We are both very homely and have a colour theme in our kitchens, mine being sage green and hers being red.
The pegs, paper straws, cake cases, memo pad and stickers I bought were from dotcomgiftshop. Such a lovely range of gifts and homeware, I spend hours on this site.
The Yankee Candle was from my local gift shop, the socks from Dorothy Perkins and the flip flops from Roxy.

The lovely wooden bunting was from eBay and a bracelet was from Accessorize, which was wrapped in the shop.

It was a very quiet birthday for her this year as she was working nights but her family and friends made it special for her as she is truly loved by all who know her.
She has got me through some very dark and tough times and that for me is true friendship.

Happy Birthday Sharon! 
I love you to bits.

Rachel xx

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